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Quasi custody services

Centaur offers the following Quasi Custody services:

  • Receipt of trading instructions from investment manager and confirmation process to ensure correct trade execution.
  • Execution of subscriptions/contributions, redemptions/withdrawals, transfers and switches by completing appropriate application forms.
  • Execution of payments or receipts of funds if applicable. If there is a custodian executing the payment, Centaur will record the transactions accordingly.
  • Primary contact for the underlying investments
  • Maintenance and updating of all transaction documentation and corporate actions.
  • Reconciliation of each trade to the contract notes received from the underlying administrator.


North America

Mase Kazemi
Mase Kazemi
Head of Alternatives
+1 (201) 335 1275

Europe / ROW

Orla Travers
Orla Travers
Head of Fund Accounting
+353 (1) 899 2461

  • Centaur's Technology Platform

Centaur’s technology is a robust, yet flexible platform that delivers open, transparent, customizable reporting to all of our clients. Sungard Asset Arena and HWM Mantra are the back bone of this platform that includes controlled price collection and quasi-custody workflows.

  • Fully integrated multi-currency investment accounting and general ledger application, including systematic P&L allocation.
  • Inbuilt compliance, AML reporting and tracking for the fund and its investors ensures all necessary regulatory requirements are met.
  • Fully customized reporting and data extracts to managers, investors and fund boards.
  • Fully integrated investor and performance fee system supporting equalization, series of shares, tiered fees and hurdles.
  • Secure manager and investor web access and reporting.

Click here to learn more about Centaur's technology.

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