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Centaur has invested heavily in technology platforms right across the business, which deliver open, transparent, customizable reporting to hedge fund Stakeholders. We believe that leading edge technology is critical in helping us deliver our services to clients and we constantly endeavor to enhance our platform to service our client needs. Our platform includes FIS InvestOne, Deep Pool ManTra and Blueprint at its core, sitting on a virtual environment.


FIS InvestOne is the leading fund accounting with complete coverage of all instrument and transaction types.

  • Provides comprehensive accounting and reporting for investment portfolios and delivers fully integrated, multi-currency, fund level reporting, with the ability to capture share class specific trades, in addition to portfolio level reporting.
  • Provides functionality for processing and accounting of all security types including equity, debt, options, futures, swaps and currency positions. Interfaces with all leading prime brokers and data providers eliminating manual input. All fund level data is captured in the system which assists Centaur to work in a daily environment and deliver timely reporting.
  • Pricing and security data, including corporate actions from commercially viable sources, and alternative pricing vendors can also be transmitted and processed.
    The general ledger is fully integrated with the portfolio accounting system. InvestOne delivers transaction listings, trial balances and account summary listings at any time, for any period. Fixed expenses automatically accrue at a specified amount per day or year and the system supports automated management fee accruals based on the current or prior day net assets.

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Deep Pool ManTra is a robust yet flexible investor servicing platform that reduces costs, risks and reliance on manual administration. With open multi-layer architecture, Mantra can support many structure types including umbrella funds, multi Class/multi-currency, fund of funds, master feeder structures, open or closed ended and money market funds.

  • Mantra’s rules based functionality: Provides consistency with standardised business processing models for registration/dealing and full multicurrency processing (trade, valuations, allocations, cash and reporting). Mantra is also investor centric with the ability for an unlimited number of accounts to be set up across different fund products with in-built distributor tracking and fee calculation capability, where required.
  • Transaction Processing and Compliance Monitoring: Includes multi-stage input, input validation and approval, the ability to incorporate specific business rules, multiple currency class orders and single orders across multiple series.
  • Valuations: Includes integrated complex fee calculations, bid/offer pricing, multi layered profit allocation, dividends and performance adjustments, multiple estimates and final valuations on a day by day basis.
  • Fee Calculations: Provides an open fee engine for all types of fees, performance fees, transaction fees and load fees and trailer/retrocession fees. It facilitates complex calculations with tiered fee rates, different calculation basis and complex caps and floors.
  • Security and Control: Provides transparent and traceable processing. All entries and changes are recorded with user details and timestamps allowing for monitoring and reporting. The Mantra application is installed within Centaur’s technology infrastructure, therefore all Mantra data is controlled under local security policies.
    Reporting Capabilities: Delivers a comprehensive suite of internal and external reports including real time report generation and regular report customization.

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As Fund Administration becomes increasingly complex and regulatory requirements grow, so too does the risk of cyber security threats. At our core, Centaur believes in the importance of managing information security – As a result, we constantly review our processes and controls. We proactively implement technology improvements that harden and increase the security of our systems.

We take an integrated approach to cyber risk. Our team of professional engineers ensures that Centaur provides a safe and secure environment for our clients and employees:

  • Risk Assessment Process: Centaur conducts ongoing risk assessments to identify cyber-security threats, vulnerabilities, and potential business consequences.
  • Responsibility for Information Security: We continually review and analyse risks, vulnerabilities and alerts with our technology provider.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Our Continuity of Business (COB) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are continually tested to ensure they are effective should they need to be involved. All data is encrypted, backed up daily online and can be quickly restored.
    Protection of Networks: Our IT infrastructure is further protected through the installation of anti-virus software, firewalls, anti-spam filtering and web content filtering.
  • Regular System Maintenance: Including timely installation of software patches that address security vulnerabilities.
    User Access:  Access and access change requests are submitted through an electronic ticket system approved by authorized users. Each user has a unique identifier backed with a robust password policy.
  • System Security: The infrastructure includes a secure-socket-layer authentication mechanism for a high degree of security on authentication and access to resources from any remote location.  The infrastructure includes its own anti-virus software, firewall, web filter and email filters.
  • Insurance Cover: Centaur’s insurance policy provides indemnity for costs and expenses incurred in restoring or replacing lost or damaged computer records.


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