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regulated funds

When setting up your new fund, Centaur will ensure that the process is smooth and efficient. Our legal, corporate and operational teams provide the expertise and assistance to ensure a smooth transition and launch of funds. We support our clients by providing the following services:

  • Review of all legal documentation and structure, providing comments based on best practice and industry trends.
  • Ensure all agreements are in place and regulatory filings completed.
  • Assist on fund structuring, including valuation and side pocket policies.
  • Review workflows between each legal entity and the stakeholders of the fund.
  • Review financial statements and current book and records.
  • Integrate data and conversions.
  • Implement operating procedures.
  • Provide transition or launch plan detailing information requirements and tasks for all parties to transition or launch the fund efficiently.


Orla Travers
Orla Travers
Head of Fund Accounting
+353 (1) 899 2461

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