Fund Administration

Fund administration


We collaborate with Investment Managers to grow their businesses and guide them through the ever-increasing complexities associated with regulatory change and the associated operational requirements. Our suite of services customized for Investment Managers include:

  • NAV calculation
    Including all assets and liabilities valuation, P&L allocation, specific allocation including share class hedging.
  • External Valuation service
    We offer clients independent, impartial valuations from an experienced team who expressly contract to be accountable.
  • Payment of Fees and Expenses
    Responsible for calculating and execution of payments.
  • Corporate action processing and verification.
  • Middle Office support
    We enable our clients to achieve operational efficiencies by outsourcing time consuming and costly middle office processes to us.
  • Complex Fee calculations
    All performance and management fee methodologies are supported in a fully automated process.
  • Customised Data Extract and Reporting
    We deliver accurate and timely reports to all stakeholders, which are developed based on client requirements.


Centaur delivers premium services to fund investors through extensive regulatory knowledge and our commitment to accountability. Investors in our client funds benefit from:

  • Independent valuation
  • Verification of assets
  • Audit assistance and financial statements preparation
  • Tax assistance for US, UK and German tax support.


Centaur provides industry best practice and insights that come from working with a team that truly understands the Fund Administration industry. Directors of our clients benefit from:

  • Fully Accountable Valuation Services
    Centaur signs up to more demanding contract terms than any of its competitors and accepts responsibility for fund valuations.
  • Financial Reporting Service
    We maintain books and records in accordance with relevant Accounting Standards and prepare and deliver timely financial statements.


Centaur is regulated under the Investment Intermediaries Act in Ireland and is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.


We manage every aspect of the fund administration process from trading activity and daily reporting to annual audited financial statements and tax assistance. Our goal with all clients is firstly to understand their specific administration requirements. We employ our market experience and superior technology to create a bespoke solution for each client.


We deliver accurate and timely valuations that are independently calculated on a daily basis.

  • Daily reconciliations of trades, positions and cash with external counterparties.
  • Daily corporate actions processing and reconciliations.
  • Expense and complex fee calculations.
    Responsible for calculating and execution of payments.
  • Independent NAV calculation.


Centaur provides extensive reporting to clients based on their specific needs. From currency exposure to performance contribution reporting and customised data extracts, we work closely with all our clients to provide them with specific solutions.


We obtain independent pricing from multiple sources and maintain the accounting records of a fund on an independent basis. We act as External Valuer for our clients.

  • Independently source prices and exchange rates.
  • Creation and execution of fund’s valuation policy.


Centaur has invested heavily in a technology platform, which delivers open, transparent, customizable reporting to hedge fund Stakeholders:

  • FIS InvestOne – the leading fund servicing platform with complete coverage of fund structures, financial instruments and transaction types.
  • Fully integrated multi-currency investment accounting and general ledger application, including systematic P&L allocation.
  • Interfaces with all leading prime brokers and pricing vendors allowing automated data capture and processing.
  • Inbuilt compliance, AML reporting and tracking for the fund and its investors ensures all necessary regulatory requirements are met.
  • Maintenance of corporate records.
  • Fully customized reporting and data extracts to managers, investors and fund boards.

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