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FX services
Centaur offers cost effective Foreign Exchange solutions through our strategic partner, Global Reach, who provide our clients with the best FX rates, reduced hedging costs and live market-to-market reporting. These FX services enable our clients to stay on top of their FX operations and manage exposure to volatile foreign exchange markets.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive pricing and efficient execution
  • Quick onboarding process
  • Fast tracked payments using SWIFT GPI
  • Short-term hedging products that can be used for acquisitions and sales - Removing FX volatility
  • Long-term portfolio hedging solutions - Removing FX volatility from entry value/growth
  • Bespoke credit facilities to support liquidity risk when hedging
  • Award-winning online trading platform
  • Live MTM reporting
  • EMIR regulatory reporting services
  • Diversification of counterparty risk when used with other providers
  • Proactive service and regular market insight.

Treasury and Risk Management

  • Hedging strategies: Global Reach analyses exactly where the FX risks are likely to be for our clients, in both the short and long-term. Once this exposure is evaluated, Global Reach teams work with clients directly to devise appropriate strategies to reduce the impact FX markets can have. The teams consider the certainty of the fund’s requirements, the goals of the fund and the products most suitable and affordable
  • Option Products: These products can play an important role in foreign exchange hedging, used to complement Spot Transactions and Forward Contracts as part of a blended hedging strategy

Why consider an FX Strategy?

  • An FX strategy can mitigate risk and provide protection from FX volatility
  • Taking control of FX exposure at the portfolio, treasury and investor level can save money and time
  • An FX strategy may be a necessary part of a fund’s fiduciary duties
  • A sound FX strategy can reveal opportunities and strategies for improvement in the fund’s performance. It can also give funds an edge in raising capital from new investors.

About Global Reach

Global Reach are specialists in managing foreign exchange and international payments. They have a wealth of experience supporting investment managers with their exposure to foreign currencies. For more information, visit

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North America
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson
Business Development, Centaur USA
+1 (212) 651 7287

Europe / ROW

Gavan McGuire
Gavan McGuire
Head of Business Development
+44 203 318 2737



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