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Private Equity Insights

Centaur – Fiduciary Services

16th April 2021 Centaur’s comprehensive range of fiduciary services enable our clients to enjoy independent, professional services that ensure they navigate successfully through regulatory and investor requirements and best practice. Our fiduciary services include company and partnership formation, corporate services and regulatory services. Centaur’s fiduciary services include: Corporate Services Routine company related matters, such as…

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Centaur – Foreign Exchange Services

Centaur offers cost effective Foreign Exchange solutions through our strategic partner, Global Reach, who provide our clients with the best FX rates, reduced hedging costs and live market-to-market reporting.

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Centaur looks ahead to 2021 – What’s next post Covid-19?

New York, January 14, 2021  2020 was a year that shook the economy, the markets and our personal lives as working from home became the new norm. The fund market made big changes to adapt quickly and the industry has proven itself to be robust. Below, Centaur’s senior management team outlines six predictions that are…

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Client Service Remains at Centaur’s Core as it Announces its Client Service PACT

Centaur's Client Service PACT

Client service is changing and has been redefined over recent months. As the Coronavirus has forced people and firms to move into a digital-only environment, the human touch has remained central to Centaur’s client experience. Karen Malone and Des Johnson, Partners of Centaur Fund Services, outlines Centaur’s recently launched PACT commitment to its clients and…

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Operational Due Diligence: What the COO needs to know today

OPERATIONAL DUE DILIGENCE: WHAT THE COO NEEDS TO KNOW  According to a study by the GSIA (The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance) the proportion of sustainable investing relative to total managed assets is 50% in Europe versus 25% in the United States but this is changing rapidly as more US managers adopt ESG strategies. Although slow…

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Private Equity: Why now is a good time to consider outsourcing Fund Administration

Covid 19 - Private Equity

PRIVATE EQUITY: WHY NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO CONSIDER OUTSOURCING FUND ADMINISTRATION As COVID-19 continues to affect all aspects of life, the global impact on financial markets has been drastic. Private Investment fund managers are being stretched to full capacity in running their portfolios in an extremely unpredictable environment while trying to reassure anxious…

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Private Equity: 5 Tips for success when appointing a Private Equity Fund

Private Equity Fund Administrator

PRIVATE EQUITY: 5 TIPS FOR SUCCESS WHEN APPOINTING A PRIVATE EQUITY FUND There is a clear and growing trend for private equity firms to outsource their fund administration as the demands of regulators and LPs make it inefficient and impractical for GPs to continue to administer funds in-house. At Centaur, we are seeing first-hand a…

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Private Equity: Key drivers behind the trend towards outsourcing administration services

PE image

PRIVATE EQUITY: KEY DRIVERS BEHIND THE TREND TOWARDS OUTSOURCING ADMINISTRATION SERVICES Traditionally, private equity funds have been self-administered. However, this has begun to change in recent years. Increasing regulation and technology demands are putting more pressure on private equity firms to outsource their administration services. SCALABILITY Increasingly, private equity administration requires significant investment in processes,…

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Private Equity: The rise of the Hybrid Fund Administrator

PRIVATE EQUITY: THE RISE OF THE HYBRID FUND ADMINISTRATOR As managers develop more private equity-like fund strategies and hedge funds become more attractive to private equity investors, there is a real demand for administrators to deliver a hybrid solution that incorporates elements of both private equity and hedge funds. Centaur presents four reasons why legacy…

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