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Best Practices for Administering Evergreen Funds in Private Credit Markets

Best Practices for Administering Evergreen Funds in Private Credit Markets

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Dublin / New York, May 14, 2024

Evergreen private credit funds have experienced substantial growth in recent years, with projections suggesting that the industry will nearly double to approximately $3 trillion by 2028. These funds are intricately aligned with the dynamics of the private credit market.

In a Q&A session, Tyler Dennin, Director, Private Credit U.S., and Jon Summers, Head of Product Development U.S., explore the fund administration of Evergreen funds within the private credit market. They discuss the operational intricacies, strategic benefits, and the main factors driving the growth of these funds, as well as the key advantages offered to General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs).

Q1: How does the administration of an Evergreen fund differ from traditional closed-end fund administration?

Evergreen funds are designed to be open-ended, allowing continuous investment flow and flexible entry or exit points, which contrasts with traditional closed-end private credit funds. They are intricately aligned with the dynamics of the private credit market: Their structure not only supports swift transaction closures but also provides the liquidity necessary for managing investments across different periods. This agility is fundamental to maintaining competitiveness in today's market,” explains Tyler.

He adds “The administration of Evergreen funds requires a robust framework designed to manage the fluidity of allocation rules, accurately track investor redemptions, and handle subscriptions to maintain fund balance and ensure equitable treatment of all investors. Fund administrators play a crucial role in facilitating investor access to specific deals within the portfolio, allowing for tailored exposure through individual investment sleeves. This level of customization is critical for aligning with investor preferences and managing the fund’s overall market strategy effectively.”

Q2: Why do managers and investors select Evergreen strategies?

Jon observes, "Evergreen funds create flexible structure and administration, which allows for dynamic adjustments in investment allocation and frequent liquidity options. Such features enable investors to react swiftly to changing market conditions and manage their investments more proactively.”

Tyler adds, “An Evergreen strategy allows managers to offer the benefits of liquid structure while giving investors exposure to illiquid assets, which would traditionally be held only by closed-ended funds. Most managers offer ‘opt-out’ elections, allowing investors to avoid capital exposure to industries which do not align with their strategies or regulatory limitations.”

Q3: What reporting insights are important for fund managers?

Jon comments, "For managers, particularly General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs), detailed and accurate reporting is crucial. They rely on comprehensive tracking of various referential data points including commitments, lock-up periods, holdings, profit and loss by investment, and industry-specific references. Additional focus on detailed cash flow reports is also essential for maintaining regulatory compliance and supporting strategic decision-making.”

“The complexity of reporting grows with the liquidity that Evergreen funds offer. Processes like Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations, onboarding, KYC/AML compliance, redemptions, investment performance, fee assessments, and detailed cash transactions all become more intricate as the frequency of transactions increases. This necessitates a robust operational infrastructure to manage these complex reporting needs, thereby reducing the risk of errors and ensuring the successful management and rollout of these funds,” says Tyler.

Q4: What reporting details do investors prioritize?

"Investors demand transparency and depth in the reports they receive. They need clear insights into how their investments are performing both relative to the market and within the fund itself. Detailed reports on asset-level performance and the implications of capital calls are particularly valued as they provide the necessary transparency and foster trust. This includes having detailed information on cash activity and understanding the financial impacts of their investment decisions”, says Jon.

He adds, “Furthermore, investors appreciate reports that compare the performance and terms of current share classes with redeeming share classes to ensure they are making informed decisions. They also seek opt-out options for capital calls based on specific industry investments, re-confirming their participation decisions are aligned with their strategic interests.

The importance of selecting the right administrative partner comes into play here, as effective administration is critical for maintaining trust through transparency and meticulous control in workflows and automation."

Q5: How is Waystone pioneering innovation in Evergreen fund management?

The operational framework for Evergreen funds must be highly responsive. At Waystone, institutional technology is at the core of how we innovate to manage Evergreen funds effectively. Our approach focuses on customised enhancements to our systems crucial for navigating complex challenges such as redemption tracking, data management, and detailed financial reporting,” says Tyler.

He explains, “These systems are meticulously maintained to not only manage accounts effectively—especially when managers opt against using side pockets—but also to efficiently capture and report essential referential data. We leverage automated system utilities to accurately track and differentiate between redeeming and non-redeeming classes, a critical element in maintaining fund balance and ensuring investor satisfaction.”

Tyler concludes, “Furthermore, our technology solutions are specifically tailored to manage redemption tracking accounts effectively, even in scenarios where side pockets are not utilized, ensuring seamless fund operations and adherence to strategic investment protocols.”

Q6: How does client service impact Evergreen fund administration?

Jon comments, "Client service is pivotal in managing Evergreen funds, given the complexity and scale of the investments involved. With extensive industry experience, our global team understands the need to innovate and adapt our strategies within the ever-evolving landscape of fund management. We engage proactively with our clients, providing expert analysis and continuous monitoring of asset performance. This ensures that the strategies we implement are always aligned with our clients' goals and the dynamic market conditions."

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Waystone has extensive experience across the global private credit industry and assists fund managers seeking to launch and administer U.S., Cayman, Irish and Luxembourg structures, both closed-end or Evergreen. Waystone also provides market leading AIFM, Governance, and Compliance services to these structures.

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