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THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: Scaling for Success in 2024 and Beyond

THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: Scaling for Success in 2024 and Beyond

Dublin / New York, Feb 20, 2024

In an environment of continuous competition, investment managers are focussing on where and how to scale operations to maximise performance and seize growth opportunities. They're driven by the need for operational efficiency, integration of advanced technologies like AI, adherence to complex global regulations, and the rising demand for ESG-aligned solutions. In fact, McKinsey & Company highlights that firms with scalable platforms have shown resilience and profitability in volatile times.

Through our work with investment managers around the globe, Waystone has identified several trends in how firms are preparing for 2024 and beyond:

  • Tech-Driven Evolution: Technology, especially AI and cloud migration, is pivotal for efficient scaling, enhancing business efficiency by automating processes and improving risk management.
  • Innovating for the Future: The integration of advanced technologies like generative AI and quantum computing is revolutionising customer interactions and operational efficiencies, albeit with a keen eye on emerging cybersecurity threats​​.
  • Sustainable Finance: The shift towards ESG-centric investment strategies not only aligns with investor values but also opens new avenues for growth, making it a pivotal aspect of how global investment managers are scaling their businesses sustainably.
  • External Expertise: Leveraging third-party specialists like Waystone Administration Solutions enhances service offerings and operational efficiencies, crucial for superior investment performance and client service.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Navigating the evolving regulatory environment is key for global scaling, ensuring compliance and market penetration. As new regulations emerge, the ability to swiftly adapt and comply becomes a competitive advantage, enabling firms to penetrate new markets and gain investor trust across jurisdictions.
  • Cross-Domicile Services: Addressing the demand for cross-domicile services with consistent fund management approaches is vital for international expansion. Investment managers are capitalizing on this trend by expanding their services across borders, leveraging platforms like Waystone to navigate the intricate web of regional regulations and market conditions. This strategic approach allows firms to scale their global presence effectively, ensuring seamless service delivery to a diverse international client base.
  • Alternative Investments and Outsourcing: The significant shift towards alternative investments and innovative outsourcing models is reshaping the investment landscape, offering new pathways for investment managers to scale their businesses. By adapting to these trends, firms are not only diversifying their portfolios but also embracing more flexible and efficient operational models.
  • Client Service: Balancing technology with a human touch in client service remains essential for distinguishing firms in the competitive sector. As firms expand, it's crucial to keep personalized service at the forefront to meet each client's unique needs and preferences effectively.

Karen Malone, Global Head of Product at Waystone Administration Solutions, says, "In today's world, striking the right balance is key. While smaller funds offer agility, adapting swiftly to market shifts, larger entities bring the advantage of significant capital for tech-driven alpha generation. At Waystone, we're bridging this gap, combining technological prowess with market agility to ensure our clients, regardless of size, are poised for sustainable growth and ready to seize emerging opportunities."

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