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2023-4 Dublin / New York, December 27, 2023

2023 has been a year of significant challenges and opportunities in the finance industry, marked by rising interest rates, inflation, and varying valuations. These factors have shaped the interests and concerns of fund managers, as reflected in Waystone Administration Solutions’ most viewed articles of the year.

The following pieces have not only captured the attention of industry professionals but have also provided valuable insights into navigating the dynamic landscape of fund management.

  1. 5 Tips To Ensure The Smooth Running Of Your Annual Audit
    This article became a go-to resource at the end of the audit season. It outlines five best practices for a smooth, efficient, and painless audit, emphasizing the role of proactive administration in avoiding last-minute panics and ensuring fund managers can focus on their portfolios and investors. Read more…
  2. Fund Administrators: A Rising Force In The World Of Private Capital
    The surge in the popularity of private debt as an alternative asset class has placed fund administrators in a pivotal role. This article explores how they assist PE managers in managing this growing asset class, offering insights into the operational complexities and the increasing demand for skilled professionals in private debt investments. Read more…
  3. As Investor Demands Rise, Client Service Becomes The Most Important Differentiator For Fund Administrators
    Highlighting the evolving competitive landscape of funds, this piece emphasizes the growing importance of client service as a key differentiator in fund administration. With a shift from traditional focuses like cost-effectiveness and regulatory expertise, the article examines how exceptional client service is crucial for client retention and business attraction. Read more…
  4. Hybrid Alternative Investment Funds: Considerations, Challenges & Opportunities
    Discussing the emergence of hybrid funds that blend elements of hedge and private equity structures, this article examines the rise of hybrid alternative asset funds and the associated challenges and opportunities. Read more…
  5. Tips for Success When Appointing a Private Equity Fund Administrator
    Offering best practices for a smooth transition to professional administration, this article addresses the increasing trend of private equity managers outsourcing fund administration, focusing on technology, expertise, and infrastructure requirements. Read more…

Karen Malone, Global Head of Product – Waystone Administration Solutions says "As we reflect on the year's most impactful articles, it's clear that the industry is rapidly evolving, placing new demands on fund managers and administrators alike. At Waystone Administration Solutions, we are committed to staying ahead of these changes, providing strategic insights and innovative solutions. Our top articles of 2023 highlight this commitment and our dedication to excellence in an ever-changing financial landscape."

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