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Data centersDublin / New York, November 8, 2023

The asset management landscape is undergoing a transformation, dictated by the pivotal role of high-quality data. In an environment where precision and foresight are crucial, data has become a cornerstone for strategic decision-making in asset management. Performance analytics, risk assessment, and due diligence are all facets sharpened by the quality of data at a fund manager's disposal. Managers who effectively utilize data analytics can gain nuanced insights, enabling them to refine strategies, understand asset utilization, and ensure robust diversification in their portfolios.

The increasing demand for data brings several challenges to the fore. These include:

  • Higher Operational Costs: As demand surges, the costs associated with running data centers — from energy consumption to maintenance — are also on the rise.
  • Temperate Global Economy: With indicators pointing towards a slowing economy, potential financial constraints and reduced investments might impact the industry's growth prospects.
  • Capacity Issues: Meeting this burgeoning demand without compromising on performance or efficiency is a monumental task.
  • Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny: Stricter regulations around energy and water consumption challenge the industry to innovate and adapt.
  • Sustainability Concerns: This requires reducing carbon footprints, leveraging renewable energy, and ensuring environmentally-friendly waste management.
  • Security and Data Privacy: With the accumulation of vast amounts of data, safeguarding data against breaches and ensuring compliance with data privacy laws becomes a significant concern.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the methods by which we gather and interpret data must evolve to meet the sophisticated demands of modern investors and the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies. Data collection strategies are now expected to offer more than insight; they must align with rigorous ESG standards, seamlessly integrate across disciplines, and support the drive towards sustainability in a landscape where traditional boundaries are rapidly dissolving. Several factors are shaping the evolution of data collection:

  1. The Investor's Perspective: Modern investors aren't just looking for profit; they're seeking transparency, ethical operations, and sustainable practices. Their demands are driving a need for data collection methodologies that not only provide actionable insights but also adhere to ESG principles.
  2. The Convergent Industry Model: In today's dynamic market landscape, traditional boundaries between sectors like finance, administration, and advisory are dissolving. With the convergence of industries comes a need for a more unified approach to data collection. It's not just about gathering data anymore—it's about how disparate data sets from various sectors can be integrated seamlessly.
  3. Compliance and Due Diligence: In this era of transformation, adherence to regulatory guidelines isn't just mandatory — it's essential for brand reputation. Data centers of the future will play a central role in ensuring that businesses stay compliant, requiring state-of-the-art technology and frameworks.
  4. ESG and the Future of Investing: With many funds and major financial entities aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, data centers will be instrumental in tracking, analyzing, and driving these initiatives.
  5. Sustainability Pressures on Data Centers: Beyond merely supporting ESG initiatives in the financial sector, data centers themselves face their own sustainability challenges. As concerns about energy and water consumption mount, the industry will have to innovate to maintain its growth while adhering to environmental standards.

Centaur continues to champion innovation and efficiency in data collection, advocating for responsible practices that align with the demands of modern fund management. As fund managers and investors confront an evolving financial landscape, the need for robust, intelligent data solutions becomes more important.

Karen Malone, Global CEO at Centaur, a Waystone Group Company, says, “2024 is set to be another year of significant growth for data collection. At Centaur, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities associated with data growth and collection. Our commitment is to lead the way in responsible, innovative, and efficient data collection, ensuring that fund managers can navigate this evolving landscape with confidence."

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