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Future proofingDublin / New York, October 18, 2023

The funds industry has witnessed many changes in the recent past: The increase in regulation, manager globalization, the creation of new asset classes and technology breakthroughs such as AI, to name a few. Navigating through this dynamic landscape requires foresight and strategic planning from fund managers. Future-proofing isn’t just about addressing current needs but ensuring that the infrastructure, technology, and processes are adaptable to future changes and scalable for growth.

For fund managers, this means associating with a fund administrator who not only caters to the present but also diligently prepares for the future, ensuring sustained operational resilience and compliance with evolving regulations and market conditions.

Multi-Jurisdictional Support

As funds expand and globalize, their needs for support differ with each jurisdiction. A key challenge is synchronizing global accounting standards and reporting. The increased demand for dual reporting, in areas such as Financial Statement Preparation (GAAP and IFRS) have become prominent. It’s all about building scalability to manage these complex reporting needs effectively.

A consistent data model, where reporting can be altered per requisite standards without affecting internal data consistency is immensely beneficial. Centaur provides a central data structure for financial reporting and compliance across multiple jurisdictions and regulatory environments. This central data structure is future-proofed because it allows for the integration of new and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing to ensure agile, secure, and scalable solutions for global asset management.

Unlocking the Power of Technology

Leveraging AI ensures intelligent data analysis and decision-making while blockchain guarantees secure and transparent transactions and data storage. Furthermore, cloud computing enables uninterrupted access to data, enhancing real-time decision-making capabilities and supporting the extensive, multifaceted operational needs of fund management across varied jurisdictions.

This comprehensive integration ensures that Centaur’s data structure is not only compliant and efficient in today’s diversified global landscape but is also primed to adapt and thrive amidst future financial, technological, and regulatory evolutions. Integrating these technologies isn’t just about staying current; it's about ensuring that the firm can manage and secure assets, conduct data analysis, and offer automated solutions amidst evolving market demands and regulatory changes.

Strategic Partnerships in Global Fund Administration

It’s not just about technology - In a globalized market, strategic partnerships become vital for gaining insights, extending reach, and enhancing services in fund administration. Collaborations with technology providers, regulatory experts, and other financial entities can unlock new possibilities, ensuring that fund administrators stay ahead of industry trends, regulatory updates, and technological advancements. These alliances further enable the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise, which mutually benefit all entities involved, especially in catering to diverse and global client needs.

Karen Malone, Global CEO at Centaur, a Waystone Group Company, says “The need to future-proof fund administration strategy and operational models has never been more apparent. Adopting a model that links technological advancements with a robust, streamlined reporting system and a flexible, yet securely anchored, operational model is key to our success.”

She continues, “Our ongoing investments in technology and development of centralized data structures underscore our dedication to ensuring that our services are not only robust and compliant but also scalable and adaptable to the changing global milieu. We continue to innovate and strategize, ensuring our clients navigate through these changes with stability and foresight.”

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