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Centaur celebrates International Women’s Day

Centaur celebrates International Women’s Day

Karen Malone, Centaur Executive Management

New York, March 08, 2021

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Karen Malone, Founding Partner of Centaur, reflects on the role of women in the fund’s industry. As a strong advocate for diversity and flexibility in the workplace, Karen predicted this time last year an increasingly diverse workforce and more flexible working arrangements being put in place for the industry. This was before the COVID pandemic hit, which has greatly accelerated this process.


Covid-19 has caused one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. Our way of communicating, both personally and professionally has radically changed the way people communicate, work and learn. The Fund Administration industry adapted quickly to this transformation, especially firms with a strong diversity and inclusion infrastructure already in place. Offering a remote option improves accessibility which opens up the door to a larger talent pool that is more diverse. Location is no longer an issue so teams can be made up of people living anywhere. This means that there is a higher chance of employing people from different locations, backgrounds and cultures, who give different perspectives to the industry.


“I love this year’s theme of 'Choose to Challenge'. It’s a call-to-action to challenge the status quo by raising awareness against bias, celebrating women's achievement, and taking action for equality.

We have over 20 nationalities working in Centaur and a 52% to 48% male/female ratio. We take pride in our diversity and believe in the power of inclusion. On International Women’s Day, as we advocate gender equality, it’s important that we make strides in keeping the positive elements of COVID such as flexible working practices whilst overcoming the negative effects to continuously improve gender balance.”

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