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EcoEnterprises Fund Case Study


A major consideration in EcoEnterprises’ decision to choose Centaur was its exceptional client service, which is well known in the industry and considered one of the main differentiating factors that sets Centaur apart from other fund administrators. Centaur’s employees are key to delivering this service consistently with an exceptional management team at the helm that are the most experienced in the industry.


For nearly 20 years, EcoEnterprises Fund has offered Private Equity Fund Management in Latin America.  Having handled the back-office functions for their first two funds in-house, EcoEnterprises understood how time-intensive managing accounting and investor relations can be.

As they prepared to launch a third fund in 2018, they began exploring the idea of working with a fund administrator to help reduce some of their operational burden, enhance output and maximize the potential of their team.


Centaur was a name often mentioned while EcoEnterprises was researching potential fund administrators.  From the beginning Centaur was extremely attentive which gave EcoEnterprises comfort with the idea of outsoucing important functions.

Now, Centaur PE administers EcoEnterprises’ fund which is proving both practical and efficient for the firm while ensuring that regulatory pressures are greatly reduced.

Since deciding on Centaur, we have been incredibly impressed with the level of responsiveness and exceptional support from Centaur,” said Tammy E. Newmark, CEO and Managing Partner, EcoEnterprises Fund.

Despite the fact that we are in completely different time zones, everyone we’ve worked with so far has been easily accessible, and communication has been clear, detailed, and frequent.  It’s been extremely reassuring and Centaur has worked with us to help us find creative ways to meet our investors’ needs.

Tammy adds, “We have truly appreciated Centaur’s boutique approach to client service and would certainly recommend them based on our experience thus far.”


  • Costs are reduced and EcoEnterprises can focus on their core competency – investing and generating returns for their investors
  • By outsourcing regulatory compliance functions to Centaur PE, EcoEnterprises has radically reduced regulatory risks and administrative costs
  • Centaur PE delivers efficient, accurate reporting for investors, general partners and regulators


EcoEnterprises Fund offers tailored growth capital and strategic guidance to innovative impact businesses in order to scale and optimize their financial, environmental and social performance. For more information, visit

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