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ADG Capital Management LLP Case Study

ADG Capital Management LLP (“ADG”) selected Centaur Fund Services (”Centaur”) as their administrator at the inception of their funds in 2013. Their partnership has developed since then and the fund has gone from strength to strength.


ADG required a business partner that was a good fit for their fund. They wanted a proven administrator that would future-proof their processes and procedures, especially given the ever-increasing complexities associated with regulatory change. Their administration partner needed to add value to their fund by supporting them through every step of the fund development, from launching the fund to providing support to investors, to data extraction and reporting.

ADG spoke to numerous fund administrators, taking important factors into account including cost, experience, AUM and the location of the administrator’s operational departments.


ADG chose Centaur as their administrator because of its industry experience, professional and responsive approach to client service and credibility with institutional investors.

From the outset, Centaur has worked with ADG to reduce their cost base and increase their operational efficiencies. As a result, ADG delivers accurate and timely reports to all stakeholders, which are independently calculated in an automated and controlled working environment.

The main reason we chose Centaur was their people: Firstly, there is the professional personal service they offer, along with their extensive knowledge on current and up and coming regulation. Secondly, the advice and guidance they offer during the launch process is the best you can get in the market, which is vital for the investment manager”, says Riaan Daly-Evans, head of Operations, ADG Capital Management LLP.

He continues “As our fund and our relationship with Centaur continue to grow we are very happy with our choice: All SLA’s are adhered to, and queries are always answered in a timely manner. The whole process runs very smoothly from start to finish. In fact, ADG would have no hesitation in recommending Centaur to anyone.”


  • Improved operational efficiencies lead to direct cost savings for ADG
  • Simplified business model means ADG can focus on generating returns
  • Centaur ensures that ADG’s funds remain fully compliant with all regulatory developments and reporting requirements, including AML and FATCA
  • Centaur delivers accurate, timely and transparent reports to all stakeholders


ADG Capital Management was created in 2009 as the asset management division of ADG Holdings LLP, a privately held firm based in London. The firm provides discretionary investment services to institutional clients with a focus on absolute returns. Click here to see more information about ADG Capital Management.

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