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The Importance of Client Service in Fund Administration

The Importance of Client Service in Fund Administration

Client Service

Dublin / New York, June 25, 2024

In an industry increasingly dominated by technology, the key to exceptional client service in administration services remains rooted in personal interactions and relationships. As we navigate through 2024, Waystone continues to prioritise enriching the investor experience through a blend of technology and human insight.

The landscape of fund management is rapidly evolving, with investors demanding more personalised and transparent services. According to recent industry trends by Deloitte, the emphasis on client experience has become a key differentiator among fund administrators​​.

Moreover, the growing complexity of regulatory requirements underscores the importance of specialised expertise in fund administration. As new reporting and disclosure rules come into play, administrators like Waystone are crucial in helping fund managers navigate these changes effectively. Our expertise reduces compliance risks and enhances operational transparency, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of service amidst these evolving challenges.

Personalisation and clear communication are paramount in meeting investor expectations. Technology plays a crucial role, offering immediacy, accuracy and transparency, but it is the human element that sets apart successful firms.

Key Elements of Waystone’s Exceptional Client Service

At Waystone, we believe that excellent client service is the cornerstone of our success. Our commitment to a client-first culture ensures that our relationships with clients are central to everything we do. Here are the essential elements that define our approach to client service:

  1. Client-Centered Approach: We prioritise our clients' needs, ensuring that every decision we make is aligned with their goals.
  2. Active Listening: We actively listen to our clients’ concerns and demonstrate that we are genuinely invested in solving their problems.
  3. Personalisation: Every client is different, and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: While efficiency is important, we prioritise delivering high-quality service in every interaction.
  5. Proactive Support: We anticipate our clients' needs, addressing potential issues before they become problems.
  6. Consistency Across Jurisdictions: Providing a seamless experience across all jurisdictions is essential. Globally and locally, clients can expect the same high standard of service.
  7. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: We view client feedback as an invaluable resource for improvement.

While we embrace technological advancements, our commitment to personalised service remains unwavering,” said Karen Malone, Global Product Head at Waystone Administration Solutions. “Our clients appreciate the combination of sophisticated technology and the personal touch that our experienced team provides, ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations consistently.”


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